my name is kassim... I am 23 and I am doing the FdA film and tv Production course

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I am tall 6 foot 6... this is my 8th year at CCAD...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thursday 5th of May in Hartlepool

We went to Hartlepool to see the incubate unit to see how to set up your own production business
We were told that if we wanted to set up a full time business with Hartlepool CCAD it would cost us £70 but part time was be £45 a month

Production Deadline

Today I am working on my deadline for Production techniques, updating my blog, making sure folder work is up to date and I have just finished my showreel.

Bag Packing

Saturday 30th of April we did bag packing at Morrison in Teesside Park to raise money for end of year show and the charity called ‘Make a Wish foundation’

I handed my specialism last week

In my specialism I made two short adverts for Cleveland College of Art and Design. One for Green Lane Campus and the other for Hartlepool campuses
My aim was to achieve an advert which showed the different between HE and FE but still have great achievements.
I found the work a little hard but achievable. I took on the roles of producer and Sound man; I did not feel comfortable to take on the role of director so i handed the role over to Karl Keenen who did a fantastic job.
If i could i would like to redo my specialism again :)